I love fanfic writers because fanfiction is just so kind and selfless. You give us really enjoyable stories completely free of charge and I am really, really grateful for it.

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Favorite MerDer quotes

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Tents, Tea, and Rubbish [FIC, PG] 


A/N: In which there is banter, more banter, and nothing but banter. All mistakes are mine because I am too lazy to edit this properly. Also, French, lolz.

Harry arrives back at the family tent to find everyone eating breakfast and Rita Skeeter’s morning Prophet article hanging, framed, upon the nearest cloth wall.

“Redecorated, have we?” he asks.

Ginny flicks her wand from her spot in front of the tent stove, tilting the kettle and pouring out three cups of tea. “It’s the latest thing,” she says. “We’re calling it, ‘Rustic Rubbish.’”

“The world was a better place when that woman was just a beetle in a jar,” Hermione mutters, spooning out a helping of eggs onto Rosie’s plate. “Honestly, the things she comes up with.”

I think it’s brilliant,” Harry’s eldest son, James, declares, sitting up in his seat, his mouth half-full with toast and marmalade. “We’re famous!”

“You’re barely even mentioned!” Ginny argues.

James grins cheekily. “You never mention us at all in your articles, Mum.”

Ginny rolls her eyes. “Quiet, you. Otherwise I’m abandoning you in London again.”

“I want to be abandoned in London!” Hugo shouts.

“Me too, me too!” Lily cries.

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MAKE ME CHOOSE (grey’s anatomy edition):
→ Meredith/Lexie or Meredith/Cristina
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make me choose | alex/meredith or robb/jon
"I dunno… its just… Meredith always makes me think screwed up people have a chance"

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I’m sorry, but that was not football. That was a dirty, time-winning play and I am so angry right now. I can accept defeat when the other team played an honest and better game than us, but this?! How did Messi not get a yellow card? How the fuck did Argentina get away with so much foul play, I mean seriously?!

Holland, I hope you win and kick their asses!!!

We really deserved more than this. Honestly. But I’ve never been more proud to be Belgian! Red Devils

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What a match! US, you gave us a run for our money! And a shout out to Howard, because that was some serious keeper skill! Well done, honestly! You gave it your all and you took away 10 years of my life with all the stress :p

But Red Devils, my bbs! I am so so sooooo proud!!! You finally showed everyone what Belgium is worth! Now let’s kick some Argentina ass!!!

"So what if I’m wandless? I’ll punch you right in the bloody nose, OH WAIT." — James Potter’s last words probably (via its-a-punundrum)

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May the dance never end and the music never stop

Marine. Fangirl extraordinaire. You name it, I ship it.